Drugs, infusion solutions, surgical instruments, operating tables, operating room lights, anesthesia and respiratory equipments, artificial ventilation systems, infusion racks, infusomats.


Aid For Civilians

Sleeping bags, mats, dry rations, batteries, flash lights, electricity generators, Mattresses, Hygenic Products, Warm Clothings, Baby Food, Canned Food, Fast Food, Juices, Cookies.


Tacticle Medicine

With the donations we source the emergency medicine to provide care for members of the military such as QuikClot, CAT turnstiles, hemostatic and wound dressing materials, stretchers and field hospital equipment.

Let’s Support

Ukrainian Refugees

We are securing financial donations and in kind to deliver humanitarian aid to Przemysl, Poland. The delivery will be made to the central storage of the volunteer community, approved by the Military-Civil Administration of the Lviv Region.


An Initiative by MediSponsor Inc., the National Human Resources Development Organisation (NHRDO), and Green Genome India Pvt Ltd. Under the authorisation of the Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise Lviv Territorial Medical Union Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of Emergency and Intensive Care (First Lviv Territorial Medical Union).

We work with local partners in Poland to supporting the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine in the wake of a massive humanitarian catastrophe. Together we meet refugees at their first point of safety, providing emergency aid to families living in temporary shelters - including clean water, food, tarps, hygiene kits and other essential items.

We additionally raise funds for, purchase, and distribute material aid to fill the immediate and unmet needs of the refugees and healthcare facilities to treat the sick and wounded. This aid includes but is not limited to tents, surgical instruments, operating tables, operating room lights, anaesthesia and respiratory equipment, artificial ventilation systems, wound dressing materials, stretchers & field hospital equipment.

National Human Resource Development Organization (NHRDO) is a Non-Profit Organization founded with the objective of Youth development, Employment & selfemployment to rural & urban poor Youths. NHRDO is working Main objectives as Rural & Urban Development, Low cost housing to poor & slum area families, Skill training to these families for their economic development.

Other Indian organisations for the collection and sourcing of life-saving items, such as food, water, medicine, and other essential hygiene items, as well as emergency thermal blankets to keep refugees warm amid freezing temperatures.

Our primary purpose is to fill the immediate needs of the Ukrainian vulnerable population through donations.


Our Supporters

NHRDO - Fund Raising Entity

Time Slider - Program Manager