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Michael J Park

Chairman of the Board

Michael was a pioneer in introducing the advanced use of Information Technology to the developing countries and governments and financial community back in 1980. He founded his first own advisory firm at age of 20,- Educational background in Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Asian Studies, Operational Research is a branch of Economics that focuses on problem solving in the broadest sense. His thesis was one of the first to look at the investment potential of stock options and hedge funds, many years before they become popular in the mainstream.

After advisory in a wide variety of industries, including information technology, banking, transportation, publishing, manufacturing, insurance, oil and gas, pension funds, Michael decided to focus and specialize in the area of International Finance. He subsequently worked globally with governments, agencies, banks, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, stock brokers on their investment strategies in the early 1990s, and lead to the development of his optimal Investment Strategies in the Precious Metal & Currency F/X market, based on original research via mathematical portfolio approach.

Michael J Park

Chairman of the Board

After successfully testing his theories with actual Metal & Currency trading from 1996 – 1999, Michael saw the tremendous earnings potential of his methods, and decided to give the rights to use them exclusively to the newly founded Asian United Trust in 2000. The project was very successful and provided the financial basis for Asian United Trust’s charitable activities.

Michael’ early interest in the environment, spirituality and writing began to take on a more central role. He wrote a book on his spiritual awakening, worldwide travels, and personal investigations of various spiritual traditions in Chun Bu Kyung (An Oracle of Heaven) & I Ching – Odyssey: A Spiritual Journey. He also wrote an autobiographical accounts of his years in the Asian Pacific Regions on how and why he transformed himself from a businessman on a fast tract to promoter of the Global One Directive (GOD) movement as a strategy of transformation of society – The Park : The Masker Key & The QnA.

Besides his continuing role at ENFINIUM Holdings Group and it’s group of companies & Asian United Trust and member of the International Advisory Counsel for GOD Networks, he is the major shareholder in number of listed companies in NASDAQ, NYSE, JASDAQ, KOSDAQ, ASX, HANSENG, DAX. Michael is also founding Board member of Gaia & Phoenix Project, Project NextGen, World Welfare Foundation, Enfinium Trust Foundation, Onebancorp for profit organization for humanitarian project purpose and for needed.

Michael currently working on a book on why and how we must break away from the dominant neo-liberal economic system, which is systematically destroying both the environment and local communities across the world, while creating unacceptable and politically explosive inequities among world citizens. He puts forward concrete proposals for how we can establish an alternative economical system via resource base economy and new international institution for better and harmonious society.

Themes in Michael’ Writing……

A number closely related themes permeate all of Michael’ Writing over the years. Characteristic for all of them is that he tends to be far ahead of his contemporaries in his thinking. Michael’ analyses are always long-term and strategic. Main theme is Spirituality as the foundation of life and the hope of the future, as well as being the inspiration for everything he does.

Another is his passionate interest in the long term evolution of the planet, which he sees as passing through a very critical time today as our civilization deals with problems arising from meeting head-on the limits to physical growth on a finite planet. In his writings, Michael argues that he crux of the current crisis is that, though we are experiencing these limits, we have not yet realized he need to move away from the dominant mechanical worldview that has been successful in the past but, is now destroying the very basis of our existence, namely the environment and our social cohesiveness. We must shift our thinking towards more Life-base & Resource-based, holistic worldview that sees the planet, not as separate competing nations, but as a single living organism, and then find corresponding global solutions that will encompass all and work for everyone for peace and harmony.

A third theme is that the major political leverage point in the current global crisis and conflict is the way we organize international trade. Michael has out forward concrete proposals for changes in the global economic system such that the true ecological and social costs are reflected in product prices and trade rules, changes which will automatically nudge the International community in the direction of becoming a sustainable civilization.

As his fourth theme, he sees the appropriate response to this global crisis at individual level to be shift in lifestyle. This is why he promotes and supports the GOD (Global One Directives) movement. GOD are early models of the way we will all have to eventually- small sustainable communities in the countryside and in the cities, where social, ecological, and spiritual specs meet in a holistic lifestyle.

Michael is currently working on new book, where he predicts the coming of an inevitable growth bubble, which, when it bursts, will be far worse than the Financial crisis for 2007 -2009. After a period of great chaos and pain, a rebuilding will take place based on an emerging paradigm that rejects the current free market, materialistic ideology and promotes a more Life-based and Resource-based economy and political system that protects the environment, diverse cultures and social structures. Michael puts forward a concrete “Breakaway” Initiative for how a small nations can, if they dare to take a global leadership role at this critical time in history by breaking away from the dominant and destructive economic system which is leading most of into disaster : Feasible alternative option would be change to one that is both Sustainable and Just for All

“Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM”

“Thy Will—as I desire to be…” DOES NOT!


Michael J Park